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Kaya Kaya party footage

At every Kaya Kaya Street Party, we have created videos of the various activities and compiled them into a movie, to record the wonderful experience. 

What goes on before a party

Our goal is to grow the Kaya Kaya Street Party as a Multi-Cultural and Multidisciplinary platform and Tourist Destination Event, showcasing our local diaspora and international talents.

To get everything in order for the Kaya Kaya street party, a lot has to happen. To help with the preperations locals, voluteers, sponsors and proffesionals called upon to help out. 

Locals and artists

 We motivate the local people and volunteers to help whenever they can. The Kaya Kaya Street Party is organized at a different location each time to provide the platform for different parts of the neighborhood to be refurbished in order to create better living conditions for everyone. The basic principle is to keep expanding to include other areas of the neighborhood. Volunteers, locals and sponsors assist with the preparation. There is always food, drinks and good music available on the spot while we work.

Marketing and promotion

Publication is extremely important for the Kaya Kaya Street Party event. It is all about engaging the targeted audiences to create awareness. A strategic marketing plan is set up to let the audience know about the event and to keep them informed.

Sponsors contribute greatly to the developments of the district. Their contribution goes to the development and maintenance of the physical environment of Ser’I Otrobanda. This encourages social, economic and cultural activities. It creates a safe, beautiful and attractive residential and living environment.


With the street party, our main goal is to surprise, inspire and excite people. Art, music and culture are perfect tools to make this happen. Before the event, we try our best to surprise people with live music performances from all kinds of different music genres, with art exhibitions, murals that are made on the spot, dance and theater performances. Lots of preparation is needed to gather these artists and support as they present their best.

What goes on during a party

The Kaya Kaya team needs to be prepared for anything that could happen during the event. However, everyone should fully enjoy the party and create good memories


 The program tells the story of the event. Each element leads to the next story element. This builds anticipation during the event and it is something that the people remember the most.  The program needs to be smooth and every artist is offered the same amount of time to perform.


During the event, it is important to have enough food and beverages available. Close attention is paid to the amount of food and beverages left. If anything runs out, solutions are created.


Attendees  are often surprised as many have come to a place that they do not normally visit.  The explosion of art and culture at the Kaya Kaya Street Party is something that most do not expect. People enjoy the creativity that has been put into the event. By using sustainable materials, the awareness of sustainability is created and the benefits of working sustainably is demonstrated.

131-KayaKaya 22 dec 2018.jpg
118-KayaKaya 22 dec 2018.jpg

The result  

After the festival, everyone has had a good time and there is much to talk about. The area becomes an important meeting place for locals as well as people who live in surrounding neighborhoods, tourists, companies and potential investors as more awareness is created.  

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