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The neighborhood


The neighborhood Ser'i Otrobanda

Before Ser'i Otrobanda began to change, it was a neighborhood where only a few had something to do.  Crime was rampant, many of the formerly majestic buildings had all collapsed into ruin and peeling paint was all over the place.


Since mid-2010 local investors have discovered and invested in the neighborhood. The dilapidated but monumental buildings turned out to be reasonably affordable and easy to convert into bed & breakfasts or boutique hotels. Ser'i Otrobanda has become a popular canvas for local artists to paint murals. 


Kaya Kaya together with Fundacion Ser'i Otrobanda, saw the potential of developing the neighborhood culturally, socially, physically, as well as economically. Kaya Kaya did this, mainly by organizing the first Kaya Kaya Street Party. The first street party edition was in August 2018, held on Ferdinand Street.


The street party has contributed to the development of Ser’i Otrobanda. Before each street party, a clean up exercise takes place. Many houses and walls received a new color and the streets were cleaned. The local people saw the changes Kaya Kaya made and they got inspired to take action themselves. The street party was and is still  a boost with a lasting positive impact on the neighborhood.


Explore the upcoming neighborhood of Otrobanda 

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