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Our story 

Kaya Kaya is a sexy and engaging community building tool that brings together diverse communities to  reveal the full potential of Ser'i Otrobanda.

Since 2012, Fundashon Ser'i Otrobanda (FSO) has been actively committed to the development of the neighborhood of Ser'i Otrobanda.


Although much has been accomplished in the neighborhood in recent years, there are still important steps to be taken to improve living conditions, strengthen social cohesion, improve its image and nurture the investment climate in the neighborhood. To accomplish this, a more structured and integrated approach is needed.


Kaya Kaya was created with this in mind.


FSO is responsible for all the developments in the neighborhood and is committed to realizing a clean and safe neighborhood with strong social cohesion. Kaya Kaya BV facilitates the needs of the community by organizing a festival called the “Kaya Kaya Street Party.”


Kaya Kaya is used as a means to shape community building in Ser'i Otrobanda through a structural and integral approach. Together, under the banner of Kaya Kaya Community Building, we are committed to realizing the full potential of Ser'i Otrobanda.

The four pillars 

To empower the community so that it will be capable of using its own talents to the fullest. Kaya Kaya Community Building increases the self-reliance of the community. In doing so, we are creating sustainable growth in Ser'i Otrobanda.

To create and stimulate social cohesion in Ser'i Otrobanda and the society as a whole. Our aim is to connect, surprise,  and inspire people.




To create a clean, safe and attractive living environment for local residents and visitors. FSO wants to leave the environment better behind after the Kaya Kaya Street Parties have taken place.


To make surprising connections with music, art and culture between countries, cultures and different people in society. Kaya Kaya Community Building aims to show and strengthen the pride and uniqueness of each person's identity and culture, thus creating new connections. The goal is to create a respectful way of relating.

Where did we start

Bottom up

Kaya Kaya Community Building is an initiative by and with the local residents of Ser'i Otrobanda.


We found out that activities can only be successful with the implementation of a bottom-up  approach. The input and involvement of residents in the neighborhood is key in the development of Ser'i Otrobanda.

Hands on

We believe that we will have the most impact when we all roll up our sleeves and actually do the work at hand. Only by working together, making connections and being open to input from others have we arrived at this moment of great possibility. 

Community building 

When we “Team-up,” we actively involve other residents as organizers. We look for everyone's talents and dreams for the future. This step is key to achieving a sense of authenticity. It unites us as a group and together, we create a common goal. During this step, we pay close attention to getting to know each other better and to explore dreams for ourselves, for our neighbors and for the environment. 


Where are we now


The achieved results and developments are celebrated together with all the  residents, volunteers and other participants of the Kaya Kaya Street Party involved. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the party and see the results of their hard work.  

Social cohesion is created as the residents of the neighborhood proudly connect with new people who come to  Ser'i Otrobanda through the various activities. Different people, who otherwise would not or rarely go out of their houses, get to know each other in preparation for the event, during the event and afterwards. We noticed that new connections were made while working together towards a common goal.


 After cleaning and tidying up, it's time to make the neighborhood even more beautiful with art, new landscaping, or by painting houses. We make use of talents and materials from the neighborhood.  This way we create a sense of pride, involvement and ownership.

Social cohesion 

Where will we be in the future 

Master plan 

The master plan has many solutions and new appropriate ideas to change the neighborhood in a sustainable and positive manner. The goal is to tackle the infrastructure by creating walkable streets, stairs and bridges. Pop-up functions and urban gardens are stimulated and implemented. Of course, the local inhabitants and the authenticity of Otrobanda will be at the center of this all.

Project Grandi

Project Grandi is a goal that we want to achieve in the future. The vision of this project is to transform Breedestraat Otrobanda A.K.A Kaya Grandi into the “Most Iconic Mainstreet in the Caribbean. “ It will celebrate Curacao as a melting pot of culture full of arts, crafts, retail, food, drinks, music and leisure activities.


Working sustainably will be an ongoing goal.  We increase the awareness of sustainability by the use of sustainable materials. We are continuously removing old and unuseful structures,  removing dumped old cars, cleaning up the garbage and dumpsites,  laying out green areas to create attractive public meeting places and refurbishing and strengthening old  buildings.  

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