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Kaya Kaya Festival
Our next Kaya Kaya Festival date is finally set!

Our Story

Kaya Kaya together with Fundashon Ser'i Otrobanda and other parties, have come together to develop the Ser'i Otrobanda district.

Our goal is to develop it to become a safe, attractive and diverse neighborhood to live, visit and gather, for everyone.

Contribute to our goal:

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More than
just a party

The Kaya Kaya Festival is a celebration of all the hard work that has been put in elevating and maintaining the Ser'i Otrobanda district.

The Festival also aims at boosting the economic opportunities of the district by providing a platform for vendors and artists from- and outside the district.


To strengthen the
connection between music, art, and culture. Kaya Kaya aims to highlight the unique identity of the melting pot that is Ser'i Otrobanda.



To create a clean, safe
and attractive living
environment for local
residents and visitors.

Kaya Kaya's slogan sits at the foundation of its purpose; #LeaveItBetterBehind


 To help existing businesses inside and outside the district flourish and empower the community to create new opportunities. 


To create and stimulate
social cohesion in Ser'i
Otrobanda and the
society as a whole. Our
aim is to connect and inspire people.


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See you on September 2nd!

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